Monday, March 16, 2009

Google Keyword Search Frequency mystery, or "Is Sex going out of style?"

According to  Google's  AdWords tool, sex may be going out of style. That is,  Google's data show supposedly that over a 12 month period, on average there were 124,000,000  (One Hundred and Twenty Four Million) searches for keyword Sex each month, whereas in the month of February there were only 90,500 (Ninety thousand Five Hundred) people searching for sex. No mistake about the number of 0s anywhere either. Double checked.   All the rest of the people looking for sex  must have found it. But sex was not the only keyword affected. Every keyword I checked except Facebook had a lowever search frequency in February than over the last 12 months on average. The size of the drop was not consistent however. Some words dropped much more than others Is search going out of style or there just something wrong with Google's reporting or what?

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Anonymous said...

as pornography proliferates on the web people are most likely searching for their particular specific interest instead of searching for the vague term "sex". I would be surprised if the interest in sex has decreased at all.