Friday, August 15, 2008

Worst SEO advice I've seen thus far

I came across what might be the worst Search Engine optimization tip I have seen thus far. Some of these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Superstitions are not just a waste of time. It seems they can actually hurt site visibility in search engines.
This one is the "advice" that Deleting old Web pages helps SEO. The recommendation is to delete "outdated" pages when doing site maintenance. That breaks existing backlinks as well as reducing the Authority of your site.
Another bad one I have seen is the advice that the Optimum length of title text is ten words or more. The text in the title tag should be exactly as long as your keyword and your keyword should not usually be 10 words or more.
The same "expert" quoted as giving this advice is the one who boasted of inventing an arbitary optimum page size.  See Optimum Page Size Superstition
Some of these SEO experts may be paid by the competition to ruin people's Web sites for them.
Check it out!
Ami Isseroff

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